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Why choose Martial Arts and Karate?

IHSKF World Cup, Hungary '2016'

Martial Arts and Karate-Do are an ancient art of the world. Through this art people can develop their spiritual power, psychological spirit, good character, strong mind, calmness and physical parts will be very well manageable and happy. This art can be very useful, helpful to any class of people, for implementation into their personal, professional and in today's corporate world. In martial arts, it’s the spirit which is of primary importance. A martial artist with a strong fighting spirit (kihaku) can win over any obstacle, tangible or intangible. The techniques, power, strength are born out of physical attributes and are under the command of the human mind.
Spirit, character, strong mind, calmness and focused mentality, etc are all important aspects of Karate-do and Martial Arts. The expression of ‘mizu no kokoro’ means ‘calmness like the surface of water’. All the above mentioned mental states are very difficult to achieve for general people but a martial artist can struggle to attain and achieve it. A few quiet moments are spent in introspection, self-review, a silent prayer and a desire to fight and beat himself or herself the next day by being more perfect in life. A fight towards better behavior, attitude, efforts, self-control – a fight where perfection is the goal, character is the motto, a fight to assume more responsibilities, duties, compassion, leadership and efforts.

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